CBD Lotion



Our CBD lotion if formulated for topical application of CBD exactly where you need it. Each 1.7oz (50ml) bottle of CBD lotion comes in an airless pump bottle which protects the product from oxygen even as you use it, keeping your product fresh and free of contamination for as long as it lasts.

Each bottle contains either 300mg or 600mg of CBD.


Our rich and creamy CBD lotion is formulated with an abundance of organic oils to soothe and moisturize your skin while aiding absorption of the CBD content. We add soothing aloe, healing vitamin E and an acai extract to give your skin an antioxidant boost. Lastly, we blend in our signature organic flavors to add a delightful fragrance to your skin care ritual.

  • Organic shea butter
  • Organic aloe leaf juice
  • Organic alcohol
  • Organic grape seed oil
  • Organic aloe oil
  • Organic avocado oil
  • Organic beeswax
  • Organic lecithin
  • Organic caranuba wax
  • Vitamin E
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Organic acai pulp extract
  • Organic glycerin
  • USDA certified organic full spectrum CBD
  • Organic flavor extracts

GMO free!

Apply it as often as needed!

Type: Topical