Certificates of Analysis

Chocolate-Peppermint Chocolate 25mg
Lotion-Bed of Roses 300mg
Lotion-Bed of Roses 600mg
Lotion-Natural 300mg
Lotion-Natural 600mg
Lotion-Sweet Cinnamon 300mg
Lotion-Sweet Cinnamon 600mg
Tincture-Butterscotch Blonde 300mg
Tincture-Butterscotch Blonde 600mg
Tincture-CinCity (Cinnamon) 300mg
Tincture-CinCity (Cinnamon) 600mg
Tincture-Fresh Squeeze (Citrus) 300mg
Tincture-Fresh Squeeze (Citrus) 600mg
Tincture-Natural 300mg
Tincture-Natural 600mg
Tincture-Raspberry Mocha Whip 300mg
Tincture-Raspberry Mocha Whip 600mg
Tincture-Strawberry Lime Cooler 300mg
Tincture-Strawberry Lime Cooler 600mg
Vape Juice- Celestial Honeydew 300mg
Vape Juice- Celestial Honeydew 600mg
Vape Juice- Coconut Conniption 300mg
Vape Juice- Coconut Conniption 600mg
Vape Juice- Natural 300mg
Vape Juice- Natural 600mg